Module 1

Module 1


  Value Engineering special course: Training workshop Module 1

  Objectives of the Course:

  The methodology of Value Engineering will be taught through a real example (in small dimensions). In this Course, the process of Value Engineering will be presented on a small project with special emphasis on information phase; function analysis and creativity (Firms and organization interested in this course can introduce their qualified projects.)


  - Explaining schedule of the workshop;

  - Presenting the project’s reports and receiving the value Engineering Team Members view points;

  - Preparing the Summary of the plan and specifying work limits, Standards of decision- making and limitations;

  - Preparing the Summary of the Primary Plan and specifying the design criteria;

  -Explaining function analysis phase;

  - Preparing the cost model _specifying the functions of components;

  - Organizing functions- drawing FAST diagram;

  - Explaining the theories of creativity Phase ;

  - Presenting ideas in the form of group work ;

  - Sieving the primary ideas;

  - Evaluating ideas and extracting appropriate ones;

  - Selecting appropriate ideas and suggestions;

  - Group work – explaining SMART and reevaluating the ideas;

  - Evaluating ideas;

  - Selecting appropriate ideas to be expanded and developed;

  - Dividing team members for expanding and developing ideas;

  - Developing and expanding ideas;

  - Presenting the Primary workshop report;

  - Presenting the final workshop report orally

  Prerequisite: Training Course level 2

  Course duration: 18 hours (3 days)

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