future plan

  Future plans of SIVE are as follows:

  • Continuing holding conferences and seminars in order to create situations to develop value engineering at the national and international level
  • Supplying books and CDs on introductory teaching value engineering; collecting and translating papers on successes of value engineering about industry, production, construction, service, environment , and government into Farsi , and publishing them;
  • Developing and updating the web site of the association to enhance communication with its members;
  • Establishing a special library on value engineering for its members;
  • Publishing newsletters, monthly and quarterly magazines of the association and developing science and value culture;
  • Motivating its members to present papers and participate in international conferences on value engineering;
  • Facilitating communication with associations of engineering and value analysis of other countries and International Value Engineering;
  • Inviting international experts of value engineering to hold module II workshops and giving tests to the ones who are interested in obtaining AVS and CVS certificates;
  • Teaching value engineering at different introductory and module I levels to managers and experts of public, private and government organizations by the Association and Iranian companies approved by the Association in Iran and then issuing certificates for each course;
  • Forming a committee to give awards for the best provided service on value managing and engineering;
  • Cooperation with Management and Planning Organization to define professional ethics and evaluating the regulations for determining and issuing licenses to the people and companies who are volunteer to perform value engineering in the country;

  Close cooperation with National Iranian Productivity Organization to develop the role of value managing and engineering in construction, production, service, environment, government and industrial issues at all levels of decision-making.

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